The Purpose and Setting of Daniel


There is such a relevance to the book of Daniel. This is not surprising when its purpose is to reveal a sovereign faithful King who will set up his eternal Kingdom, thereby, exhorting his people to faithfulness. The socio-political setting in which this applies is found in both the sixth century and the second century. However, the impact of the setting in which it was authored directly challenges its ability to accomplish its purpose both in the second century and today…

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The full question:

What is the purpose of the book of Daniel? What impact do the different theories of the socio-political setting of the book have upon the answer?


These books are ordered from the most useful to the least used resource in my research. There are a few journal articles and websites at times as well. (scroll down to the end for my essay on the topic)

Daniel – Goldingay, John

Daniel, Volume 30 (Word Biblical Commentary) by [Goldingay, Dr. John]

Message of Daniel: His Kingdom Cannot Fail – Davis, Dale Ralph

Daniel – Nelson, William B.

Daniel (Understanding the Bible Commentary Series) by [Nelson, William B.]

Daniel – Widder, Wendy

Daniel (The Story of God Bible Commentary) by [Widder, Wendy L.]

Daniel – Lucas, Ernest

Daniel – Harman, Allan M.

Kingdoms in Conflict: Reading Daniel Today – Reid, Andrew

Daniel: Kingdoms in Conflict (Reading the Bible Today) by [Reid, Andrew]

The Message of Daniel: The Lord is King – Wallace, Ronald S.

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