Revelation 22 Commentary


Revelation 22 works as a wonderful conclusion to the letter as a whole. It finishes the picture painted of the new Jerusalem, where believers will have complete access to God, through Christ, as well as access to the tree of life. In the new Jerusalem believers will work in eternal worship and service to God. Revelation then concludes with a reminder of the trustworthiness of the book as a whole, and of the nearness of Christ’s coming. This is particularly fitting considering the persecutions and difficulties that God’s people will suffer throughout the ages, as shown throughout the book. It concludes on a note of grace: it is by Christ’s grace alone that believers can continue…

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The full question:

Provide an exegetical paper on Revelation 22.


These books are ordered from the most useful to the least used resource in my research. There are a few journal articles and websites at times as well. (scroll down to the end for my essay on the topic)

The Book of Revelation: A Commentary on the Greek Text – Beale, G. K.

Revelation: A New Covenant Commentary – Fee, Gordon D.

Revelation: Visions for Today – Dumbrell, William J.

Revelation: An Introduction and Commentary – Morris, Leon

Revelation: The Spirit Speaks to the Churches – Hamilton, James M.

New Testament Commentary: Exposition of the Book of Revelation  – Kistemaker, Simon J.

Commentary on the New Testament use of the Old Testament  – Beale & Carson

The Theology of the Book of Revelation – Bauckham, Richard

A Commentary on the Revelation of John – Ladd, George Eldon

The Oxford Bible Commentary :’Revelation’ – Bauckham, Richard

The Book of Revelation – Beasley-Murray, G. R.

The Climax of Prophecy: Studies on the Book of Revelation – Bauckham, Richard

More Than Conquerors: An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation – Hendriksen, William

Revelation 12-22 – MacArthur, John

Revelation – Osborne, Grant R.

The Revelation to John: A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Apocalypse – Smalley, S.

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