J. C. Ryle


The Bishop of Liverpool, John Charles Ryle (1816-1900), lived a life dominated by the grace of God. His understanding of the Gospel and deep desire for others to know Christ is an example for Christians today. Through his strong leadership, caring nature and ministry strategies, he was able to grow God’s Kingdom. There are many life lessons to glean from this man of God.

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The full question:

Assess Bishop J. C. Ryle’s life, leadership and ministry. Determine the lessons that can be drawn for today.


These books are ordered from the most useful to the least used resource in my research. There are a few journal articles and websites at times as well. (scroll down to the end for my essay on the topic)

J. C. Ryle: Prepared to Stand Alone – Murray, Iain H.

‘J. C. Ryle’s Evangelistic Strategy’, Churchman 125/3 – Atherstone, Andrew

‘Ryle, John Charles’, in Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals – Cadle, P. J.

Evangelical Anglicans in a Revolutionary Age 1789-1901 – Scotland, Nigel

J. C. Ryle: First Bishop of Liverpool: A Study in Mission Amongst the Masses – Farley, Ian D.

Richard Hobson of Liverpool: The Autobiography of a Faithful Pastor – Hobson, Richard

Bishop J. C. Ryle’s Autobiography – Atherstone, Andrew

Charges and Addresses – Ryle, J. C.

Old Paths: Being Plain Statements on Some of the Weightier Matters of Christianity – Ryle, J. C.

J. C. Ryle: That Man of Granite with the Heart of a Child – Russel, Eric

A History of the Evangelical Party in the Church of England – Balleine, G. R.

Faithfulness and Holiness: The Witness of J.C. Ryle – Packer, J. I.

Simplicity in Preaching – Ryle, J. C.

Warnings to the Churches – Ryle, J. C.

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