God and Suffering


The question of God’s goodness and sovereignty in the face of evil and suffering is always a question for both theologians and critics of the faith. These two facets of God are not to be compromised but rather realise it is possible for God to be both even in suffering and evil. The reason God allows such suffering is not always, evident but the Bible does provide a number of reasons for such suffering. In the end there is a wonderful hope that God will finish all suffering for his people through Christ’s own suffering, and this is a comfort that holds fast the questioning believer even in the face of evil…

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The full question:

Is it possible for God to remain good while permitting evil and suffering? Discuss whether there are any possible reasons why a good God might allow humans to suffer?


These books are ordered from the most useful to the least used resource in my research. There are a few journal articles and websites at times as well. (scroll down to the end for my essay on the topic)

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering – Keller, Tim

New Dictionary of Theology ‘Theodicy’ – Packer, J. I.

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God ‘Why God Appoints Suffering for His Servants’ – Piper, John

Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense – Tripp, Paul

Sickness, Suffering, and Scripture – Leyshon, David

Suffering and the Goodness of God ‘The Problem of Evil’ – Frame, John M.

The Problem of Pleasure: Why Good Things Happen to Bad People – Gerstner, John H.

God’s Grace in Your Suffering – Powlison, David

Surprised by Suffering: The Role of Pain and Death in the Christian Life – Sproul, R. C.

When Trouble Comes – Ryken, Philip

The Problem of Pain  – Lewis, C. S.

What is Providence?  – Thomas, Derek

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