Cross-Cultural Missions: Bonding Model


The Brewster and Brewster bonding model that they propose is challenging and encouraging for a new missionary. The biblical and theological concepts within this theory seem to reflect a number of concepts within the teaching of the Bible. Australian contemporary culture may struggle to receive this model from new missionaries in a positive light. The concepts within the model are important to consider carefully for any new missionary along with any individual seeking to share Christ in a multicultural society.

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The full question:

Evaluate Brewster & Brewster’s  “Bonding model” from biblical, theological, and Australian contemporary cultural perspectives.


These books are ordered from the most useful to the least used resource in my research. There are a few journal articles and websites at times as well. (scroll down to the end for my essay on the topic)

World Mission: An Analysis of the World Christian Movement – Lewis, Jonathan

Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City – Keller, Timothy

1 Corinthians – Garland, David E.

‘About Racial Discrimination’ – Australian Human Right Commission

‘The Missionary’s Task: Bonding’ – Webb, Mike

Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God – Packer, J. I.

Philippians – Thielman, Frank

‘2016 Census: Multicultural – Australian Bureau of Statistics

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